Chapter History

The Sigma Kappa Mu Chapter was founded on April 30, 1919, becoming only the twelfth chapter of the sorority to be founded and the second chapter to be founded on the West coast. The journey for the charter of the Mu chapter started in 1909 with Vera Brown, Jessie Pepper Padelford, and fourteen other empowered women who worked long and hard to petition Sigma Kappa to form a Sigma Kappa Chapter at the University of Washington. Padelford, being an alumni of the Alpha Chapter at Colby College, in Waterville, played an extremely important role in the foundation of the chapter and continued to look after the chapter by becoming a lifelong advisor to the Mu Chapter. She was also the wife to the dean of the Graduate school, Frederick Morgan Padelford. To commemorate her, an elegant portrait of Padelford sits on the mantle of the breezeway in the chapter house. 

The Tudor Revival style house itself designed by architect Joseph Skoog is a distinguished historical landmark in Seattle, earning its title for its direct association to the social history of the University of Washington. It was also the first Sigma Kappa chapter to have the enchanting spiral staircase, which prompted the requirement of all chapters of the sorority to from then on engineer spiral staircases for their homes as well.  

Over 100 years after its charter, Mu is one of the oldest active chapters of Sigma Kappa across the nation and continues to foster friendship, confidence, and leadership skills in its members.