Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Lillie Dale


Hi! I’m Lillie, our chapter president. I’m responsible for leading chapter meetings, attending meetings with Panhellenic and the wider Greek community, and meeting with our alumna advisors as well as our house Corporation Board! As I began this role during the pandemic, I am focused on making sure that members stay engaged, welcomed, and supported, even in our entirely virtual environment. Although this year and the coming one may look a little different than in the past, I am looking forward to making sure that every member has a positive experience in their time as a Sigma Kappa!

Caitlyn Bell

Vice President of Standards and Values

Hi, my name is Caitlyn and I'm the current Vice President of Values and Standards. This position helps uphold and promote the standards and values outlined within the national handbook policy and the code of conduct. I help do this with both standards meetings and positive standards meetings with my council and advisor. I am currently majoring in environmental science and love to be outside. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with my sisters within this role and on exec. LISK

Haley Rundorff

Vice President of Programming

Hello, my name is Haley, and I'm a sophomore studying Biochemistry and Dance. As the Vice President of Programming, I coordinate speakers for our chapter meetings, maintain the chapter calendar, and oversee Cabinet officers. I love the chapter for the lifelong bonds I've made here and the opportunities that they've given me to grow as an individual during this crazy time of navigating college life!

Elena Seaholm

Vice President of New Member Education

Hi, my name is Elena Seaholm, and I am the Vice President of New Member Education (VPNME) at Sigma Kappa! I am a sophomore studying Bioengineering, and in my free time I like to craft in any way I can. I sew, paint, embroider, and more, and I love trying out new things or combining mediums. I love being a member of Sigma Kappa because it feels like lots of families in one house. The relationships I’ve formed here are incredible and have already been a huge part of my college experience and life in general. When they say lifelong friendship, they really weren’t kidding. As the VPNME, I get to meet all the new members and spend time getting to know them and help them get the most out of their experience. I can’t emphasize enough how great that opportunity is, and I feel really lucky that I’m able to be in this position. In a chapter of 100+ people, there will always be someone to go to or connect with, and I’ve found that to be the best part of this amazing community.

Aly Stobie

Vice President of Membership

Hey y'all, my name is Aly Stobie and I'm our Vice President of Membership! I'm responsible for recruiting new members of Sigma Kappa and overseeing both primary fall recruitment and COB. I love to meet potential new members and especially love sharing all of my favorite things about SK. I'm excited to welcome new members to the Greek community this year and help them understand the meaning of sorority life, in addition to finding home in Sigma Kappa!

Alicia Kern

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Greetings! My name is Alicia, I'm a junior studying Public Health and I'm SK Mu's Vice President of Communications. I'm responsible for all chapter correspondence, as well as taking minutes at our formal, informal, and executive board meetings. In addition, I track chapter attendance and maintain the Chapter's House Points system, at least when we are able to do so in person. I love this position because I'm able to keep everyone up-to-date with what is happening within the chapter as well as communicating with Sigma Kappa chapters across the country. When I'm not glued to my computer, I enjoy taking my dog for walks and baking!

Ananya Rao

Vice President of Finance

Hello! My name is Ananya Rao (pronounced Uh-nun-yah R-Ow) and my pronouns are she/her. I am Sigma Kappa Mu's Vice President of Finance. I handle our chapter's finances, member dues, and act as a financial liaison between the National Headquarters and our chapter. I am business intended with a focus on finance and marketing. When I'm not doing my VPF work, I enjoy watching a shockingly large amount of TV, doing a wild and colorful makeup looks, and drinking a lot of boba! I love SK because we have strong diversity in our values, opinions, and backgrounds. It is a part of our sisterhood to maintain open communication and a safe place for all. As an Indian American women it's especially important to me that I feel safe to express myself within Greek life as it's typically a space dominated by white people. Our values and integrity are authentic and non-performative, and this is what has made SK feel like a home to me.

Isa Lewis

Vice President of Academic Excellence

My name is Isa Lewis and I am Sigma Kappa Mu's Vice President of Academic Excellence. I love Sigma Kappa because each and every member inspires me to be the best I can constantly be. Sigma Kappa is full of driven individuals that center passion and impact in their learning, and I adore that I get to facilitate and support their journey as the VPAE! I am currently studying Landscape Architecture and when I'm not in the studio or at Sigma Kappa, I am exploring Seattle's parks, graveyards, and other iconic landscapes!

Kat Witeck

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

My name is Kat Witeck and I am a 2nd-year pursuing nursing and nutrition. As VP of Alumnae Relations, I help the seniors move forward with graduation and maintain communication with them after they leave. VPAR is also in charge of Founder’s Day, where SK celebrates the women who began this sorority. I enjoy this role because of the interactions between myself and other sisters, both current and graduated. Being able to communicate with others is important, especially as we are coming out of quarantine! When I'm not studying or planning alumni events, I love to watch movies with friends!

Avi Anderson

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Hi I’m Avi Anderson, the VPPS! I'm a second year student, and my intended major is Math with a minor in education, learning, and society. I have always been passionate about philanthropy and service and did a lot of volunteer work in high school and wanted to carry that on through college! I love that Sigma Kappa has five main philanthropies (sigma kappa foundation, inherit the earth, gerontology, Maine sea coast mission, and the Alzheimer’s association), and getting to plan events for them is so exciting! I love being able to serve Sigma Kappa and my community through service.

Megan Barney

Panhellenic Delegate

Hello! I’m a junior on a pre-med track and majoring in Psychology. I’m MC 19 and our chapter’s current Panhellenic delegate!! My job is to bridge the gap between Panhellenic and our chapter, so I facilitate communication to the chapter about various things going on in the community and am the voting voice of our chapter for any Panhellenic decisions. My favorite part of the position is getting to interact with women from all the chapters! I’m from Colorado and in my free time I love to hike! More specifically, I love to climb 14ers!! I also play for UWs club lacrosse team and work at Starbucks!

Taylor Bruce

House Manager

Hi, my name is Taylor. I’m a sophomore planning to double major in international studies and Spanish, and I am the house manager. In my free time I like to watch movies with friends, play board games and paint. As house manager I help maintain the house and make sure everything is working properly. I work closely with our house director Luise as well as our corporation board to determine what is needed for the house. I also coordinate rooming and parking assignments every quarter. I love SK because the girls are so genuine and I know there will always be someone for me to talk to and hang out with. I’m glad that as house manager I get to take a more active role as a member and help the rest of executive board make decisions to better the house.

Shania John

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

Hi, my name is Shania (she/her), I am the VP of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity for Sigma Kappa! I am currently a junior studying Communications but hope to double major in Law, Societies, and Justice. When I am not studying I spend my time reading, making playlists, and spending time with my family and friends. Spending time with other members of Sigma Kappa is also important to me and creating that bond is why I love being an SK so much. This past year I've enjoyed being the VP of EID because it has allowed me to educate members of the house on important social issues as well as give them the resources and tools necessary to continue that education.