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What is Formal Fall Recruitment?

Formal Fall Recruitment is an organized process where a potential new member will meet and get to know members of various Panhellenic sororities. As the week goes on, you will get to know and form deeper connections about each of the sororities you are visiting. Formal Fall Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning chapters will invite back potential new members whose values align closely with theirs and you will narrow down your options of which sorority you would like to join. 

How does recruitment work?

Formal Fall Recruitment consists of 4 rounds that span over the course of 8 days, with Bid Day on the last day. 

Round 1 is called Open House and takes place over 2 days. A potential new member will visit every single Panhellenic sorority participating in Formal Fall Recruitment in 30 minutes increments. This is a great opportunity to meet members briefly to understand each sorority, but also for a chapter's members to get to know you. 

Round 2 is known as Philanthropy and also takes place over 2 days. A potential new member can be invited back by up to 13 sororities and will meet with their chapters for 35 minute increments. Each sorority will share about their own philanthropic cause that they support, how they raise money, how they stay involved, and what their philanthropy means to them. You also continue to get to know various members from each chapter on a more intimate level. 

Round 3 is called House Tours and takes place over 1 day. Through the mutual selection process, a potential new member can be invited back by up to 8 sororities. You will spend 40 minutes in each round, viewing each chapter's living accommodations and learning about other additional activities each chapter participates in. This is also the best round to talk about the financial obligations of being involved in a sorority organization. 

Round 4 is the final round before Bid Day, and occurs on 1 day. A potential new member will visit up to 2 sororities for an hour at a time. During this round, you will have the opportunity to talk to 1 to 2 members who the chapter felt you had a great connection with. Each chapter hosts a ceremony or presentation about what their chapter means to them and their values and sisterhood. 

What can I expect and what do I wear?

For more details about suggested attire, visit UW Panhellenic's website. However, we believe the most important thing is to wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in! Formal Fall Recruitment is a time to learn about a woman's values, personality, and goals. Whatever you feel best in is what you should wear! 

Can I still join a sorority without going through Formal Fall Recruitment? 

Absolutely! Many sororities choose to partake in Continuous Open Bidding after the completion of Formal Fall Recruitment. For more information, click the link here:

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a woman whose sister, mother, grandmother, or aunt is or was a Sigma Kappa. While we cherish these relationships, we believe in giving each potential new member (PNM) an equal opportunity to receive an invitation to join Sigma Kappa. To learn more about updates to our Legacy policy, head to

What should I talk about during recruitment? 

The University of Washington Panhellenic Association prides itself in partaking in a Values-based recruitment process. It's important to be yourself throughout the whole process and let the people you meet know your true colors! It's wonderful to talk about your interests, accomplishments, and goals/future plans so the women you meet in each chapter can get the best understanding of who you are, your own personal values, and what you could bring to their sisterhood. 

Where can I apply for Formal Fall Recruitment? 

Please register for Formal Fall Recruitment on UW Panhellenic's Website:

For more information, please visit UW's Panhellenic Website: