Letter from the Chapter

Welcome to Sigma Kappa at the University of Washington! 

As Sigma Kappa’s Vice President of Membership for 2016 I would like to welcome you to our wonderful sisterhood. Sigma Kappa is special because we pride ourselves in the diversity and genuine personalities of our members. We value our differences and believe that every member is important to our sisterhood and organization as a whole. Even with our diversity we all have at least one thing in common – an unbreakable bond!

The women in this chapter are always by my side to support me in all aspects of my personal and college life. The focus and passion of the people I’ve met here have changed what I had believed a sorority to be. Without each and every one of them I know I would not be the same person I am today. My Sigma Kappa sisters are my family – they are the people that I can always trust and be my true self with.

Sigma Kappa is ecstatic to meet all of you during Formal Fall Recruitment, and we cannot wait to welcome our new 2016 Pledge Class!

Alyssa Huber

Vice President of Membership

Sigma Kappa, Mu Chapter


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