Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Parents of Potential New Members,

Joining a sorority is a big decision in a woman's collegiate career and we know you have questions, so we are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions! 

Why Join Sigma Kappa?
Sigma Kappa at the University of Washington is a strong, connected community where your daughters an find opportunities, friendships, and a lifetime of support. Sigma Kappa lives out their 4 values through every aspect of their organization, which encourages members to do the same with their lives. Personal Growth inspires members to strive to be the best version of themselves and to develop new aspects of their character. Service encourages members to give back to their community, family, and friends by lending a helping hand where it is needed. Friendship allows members to cultivate lifelong connections and relationships with other intelligent, caring women. Loyalty promotes members' willingness to remain connected and supportive of their family, friendships, and relationships. These 4 values are strong within a Sigma Kappa woman and guide her to live a happy and healthy life. 

Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?
Absolutely not! Sigma Kappa understands that our collegiate women are students at the University of Washington first and foremost before they are sorority women. Our in-depth scholarship program holds members accountable, while motivating and supporting them through their collegiate careers by offering quiet study hours, mentorship programs with members in similar majors, and opportunities to connect with older members about internships, research positions, and general advice about academics at the University. Sigma Kappa is committed to all of our member's academic success as an involved organization at the UW. 

What are some opportunities during college that Sigma Kappa provides?
During college, the Mu Chapter provides not only a vast network of alumnae living in the Seattle area, but support and advice from current members who are nearing the end of the collegiate careers. In addition, professionals in our community are invited to speak to us about current topics during our Informal chapter meetings, giving us access to important information and resources. There are opportunities to join leadership positions within the chapter as well as the Panhellenic Community, volunteer at a nearby Nursing Home, partake in street clean-ups, and fundraise money for our various philanthropies. 

How can my daughter benefit from Sigma Kappa after she graduates?
Sigma Kappa's vast alumnae network offers opportunities to stay connected to its values by offering volunteer opportunities within chapters all across the country and in your own town and remaining connected to alumnae on with designated Facebook groups. Since our alumnae network extends far beyond the Seattle area, it is always a possibility to run into another Sigma Kappa woman after your collegiate career is over. Our current members and alumnae both have incredible wisdom, personal and professional experience, and loyalty to one another that proves that joining Sigma Kappa is not only for 4 years, but for a lifetime.